Traditional Thai House: Ruen Kaew

This traditional Thai house, Ruen Kaew, is a kind of “Reun Thai Moo Jed” which means there are seven houses all-in-one, including a pavilion and sitting room at the ascent built according to the traditional Thai house plan. Other than that, there are ‘Hor-Ree’ a left-right house, ‘Hor-Klang’ a central tower, ‘Hor-Kwang’ a large house with a canopy, a Buddha hall, and a household.

The designer intends to represent as exactly as possible the authenticity of a Thai house according to the original poetry, such as the style of doors and windows with upper-lower sills, inward openings, or wood gable end, which, if observed, will find that antiques will not be as sharp as modern ones.

In the past, a house that was covered with clay tiles was considered the house of a wealthy baron. Most often, if it’s a typical house, you can see from historical photos that it’s a separate structure with no awning surrounding it and a roof covered in strips of nipa leaves or cogon grass.

Inside the building, there are numerous interesting elements such as the Hu Chang Gate – the entrance to the house, the sun gable – the central tower, the octagonal window – the Buddha hall, etc.

Due to its use for filming, the house, therefore, conserves the budget by using a diverse range of woods mixed together, such as Teak, Shorea, and Takhian wood. Making the colors combine wonderfully with this range of wood kinds is challenging, but our painters can achieve it flawlessly by dying it to resemble a golden teak house.