World-Class filmmaking destination

Meeting international standards

The Studio Park features 5 purpose-built soundstages, among which is Thailand’s largest at 2,400 sqm.

It also establishes a comprehensive, first-class production services unit, a one-stop-shop all to ensure filming at the studios will be as easy and efficient as possible.

Acoustic Absorption System

Noise Criterion (NC) rating of 25

Perfect Noise Criterion (NC) rating of 25 achieved with the studio’s chamber doors, roofs and walls with acoustic absorption system and NC 25 air conditioning system which always maintains studio temperature at 24°C. Commissioned by acoustic expert from Chulalongkorn University.

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Double Wall with air gaps

All studios have double walls with air gaps which act as a natural acoustic absorption medium.
Very effective in keeping outside noise out so your shoots never get interrupted

Chamber System

Noise Criterion (NC) rating of 25

All studio entrances are equipped with a Chamber System with Horizontal Sliding Door and an Auto Drop System. One of the key elements in maintaining a Noise Criterion (NC) rating of 25.

Mega Construction

Studios floors are built to the highest standards with a loading of 1,000kgf/m2
while the Studio Catwalk has a loading of 500kgf/m2.

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Air System

Noise Criterion (NC) rating of 25

Specially designed air conditioning system with Duct Silencers and Noise Reduction Air Grills help maintain the studio temperature at 24°C while complying with the strict Noise Criterion (NC) rating of 25.

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