Studio 5 – Thai Sanook

Stage Size: 2,400 sqm

Dimensions: 40 m x 60 m / 131.2 ft x 196.8 ft

STAGE DOORS : 2 Stage Doors

– 5m. x 5m. / 16.4ft. x 16.4ft.

– 3m. x 3m. / 9.8ft. x 9.8ft.






Metres High


3 Phase Electrical Outlets

Why Film with Us?

Acoustic Design

  • NC25 Standard Guaranteed with our studio’s cutting-edge acoustic absorption system.
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Double Wall with air gap
  • Chamber System
  • Acoustical Absorption System

Practical Design

  • Practically constructed to support all aspects of production activity, whether it is on ground or high area set up.
  • Studio Catwalk 500kg./sq.m.
  • Studio Floor 1,000 kg./sq.m

Space Space Space

  • 80,000 sq.m. Backlot area as your outdoor studio for building movie sets and organizing events.
  • Streets ranging from 14 meters to 20 meters in width throughout the studio compound and a 5,000 car parking space.

Production Facilities

  • Easy Access
  • First class facilities for crews, celebrities, and VIPs.
  • Thailand’s leading equipment rental company right next door.
  • High level security
  • Supporting facilities in compound.
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