The Studio Park

has in house experienced team of professionals who can support several international feature shootings in Thailand we can assist you with the following:

Co Production Service

Production Management

Production Support

Accommodation & Catering



Studios & Equipment Rental


Crew, Cast & Extra Hire

Vendor Relationships

VAT Reimbursement


Government & Institutional Relations

Work Permits


Legal Advice

Why Film with Us?

Acoustic Design

  • NC25 Standard Guaranteed with our studio’s cutting-edge acoustic absorption system.
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Double Wall with air gap
  • Chamber System

Practical Design

  • Practically constructed to support all aspects of production activity, whether it is on ground or high area set up.
  • Studio Floor 1,000 kgf/sqm
  • Studio Catwalk 500 kgf/sqm

Space Space Space

  • 48,000 sq.m. Backlot area as your outdoor studio for building movie sets and organizing events.
  • Streets ranging from 14 meters to 20 meters in width throughout the studio compound and a 5,000 car parking space.

Production Facilities

  • Easy Access
  • First class facilities for crews, celebrities, and VIPs.
  • Thailand’s leading equipment rental company right next door.
  • High level security
  • Supporting facilities in compound.

The Studio Park is not just a property that has been created for video production; we provide one stop production service in Thailand, across the board that is flexible to the needs of our clients. Our bouquet of services can be employed in a number of configurations and we will work with you to get the best out of production. As a full service production company, our team is multi-faceted and we have experience in all the fields of , film, drama, series, TVC and event production. Aside from our Thailand film studio, these are some of the services we can offer:


Co-Production Services

Scheduling a production in another country can be a very tedious and difficult procedure but with our expertise, setting up a production in Thailand will be much simpler. We offer complete co-production in Thailand, please enquire for more information.


Production Management or Production Support

If you are looking for help in production management, we can step in and run some of the day-to-day tasks that suits your needs. Production support can come in handy for any paperwork, approvals, and reimbursements and so on. We can also offer specific production services if necessary (more on those later).


Studios and Equipment Rental

Our incredible studios and sound stages are available for rent and we have Gear Head on the premises as well. Gear Head is an equipment rental company that features cameras, grips, rigging, lighting, sound as well as wet equipment. We have a great prop department and experienced people to help you with this.


Insurance, Banking and Legal Advice

These are some of the most sought after services for planning a production in Thailand. The Studio Park can assist you with any needs that deal with these factors. We can also offer some guidance on work permit issues.


Accommodation and Catering

The Studio Park is affiliated with hotels and service apartments, which are great facilities for the crew to stay at. We also have relationships with five-star hotels across Bangkok and Thailand for VIP cast accommodation and so on. The Studio Park can also arrange for catering on set with all kinds of food preferences such as halal, vegan, vegetarian and more.


Cast and Crew Hire and Vendor Relationships

Our production service in Thailand includes our ability to hire local cast and crew as well connecting you with local vendors. Local connections are always useful in Thailand and adding diversity to your production could add a new flavor to your finished product.

Have questions about our services or just would like to find out more?