About Us

The Studios

The centrepiece of the Movie Metropolis

is a US$158 million commercial property investment by it’s parent company Matching Maximize Solution PLC.


Spread across 90,000 sqm, this large-scale movie studio features a substantial number of state-of-the-art sound stages, built to the highest international technical standards. A large 48,000 sqm backlot houses built-to-order shooting locations with infinite capacity to customise to production needs.


Studio Founded


Completed projects


Satisfied customers


Awards won

Thailand is well-known

for being a World-Class Filming Destination

Having hosted countless major productions for film, tv shows, commercials and entertainment events over the past decade.


Thailand has continually received high recognition as a leading production hub offering highly experienced and technically efficient crews to excellent production facilities and support systems, combined with it’s breathtaking locations.

Fully integrated One-stop-service

The first integrated international standard Sound Stages in Thailand

Using our years of expertise and experience in the business,
we consolidated all systems into a single ultimate production solution

Why Film with Us?

Acoustic Design

  • NC25 Standard Guaranteed with our studio’s cutting-edge acoustic absorption system.
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Double Wall with air gap
  • Chamber System

Practical Design

  • Practically constructed to support all aspects of production activity, whether it is on ground or high area set up.
  • Studio Floor 1,000 kgf/sqm
  • Studio Catwalk 500 kgf/sqm

Space Space Space

  • 48,000 sq.m. Backlot area as your outdoor studio for building movie sets and organizing events.
  • Streets ranging from 14 meters to 20 meters in width throughout the studio compound and a 5,000 car parking space.

Production Facilities

  • Easy Access
  • First class facilities for crews, celebrities, and VIPs.
  • Thailand’s leading equipment rental company right next door.
  • High level security
  • Supporting facilities in compound.
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